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Why SSL?

Secure Socket Layer Encryption

If you've been wondering why SSL (secure socket layer) encryption is such a hot topic right now then you aren't alone. Beginning July 1st 2018, Google Chrome, the worlds most popular web browser, will display a "Not Secure!" warning to everyone that visits any website that does not have an ssl certificate. Therefore, if you don't already have ssl implemented on your website, you need to make it a priority or else you will surely notice a decline in your web-traffic.

Why SSL is Important

In order to understand why SSL encryption has become the new standard for web-security you must first get to know what is actually going on behind-the-scenes. So, imagine you are buying an item from a store. However, this is not a normal store. There are no cashiers or any employees at this store. When you want to purchase something you simply take it to the checkout counter, scan the item yourself, write down what you're buying along with your payment info on a piece of paper, and put the paper into a box for the merchant to charge you at the end of the day when he comes to empty the box (it's a trust based system.) Well, without SSL there would be no lock on that box. Somebody could be waiting right outside for you to walk out, go in, and take your payment information. (Man in the middle attack). Essentially, adding SSL security to your website is like getting a lock for that box. It doesn't even really make sense not to have one in the first place, right?

Now, you know why SSL is so crucial this day in age. Certificate Authorities (CA) ensure that SSL certificates conform to modern day security standards and are only issued to legitimate companies so, if anyone is trying to intercept your information, you will know. A site that is authenticated by an SSL certificate will display this ssl lock icon (green) icon in the browser's search bar, next to the site url.

Avoid Having this "Privacy Error" Warning Appear on Your Website!

I Don't Sell Anything on my Website

You might be wondering why SSL matters to you if you don't sell anything or collect private information on your website. Well, you may not be selling anything, but you certainly want people to see your content, do you not? (If not then you don't need an SSL certificate, but now I have to ask you why you even have a website in the first place).

Most people are not well versed on the security standards of the world wide web. Consequently, when they see this icon with a warning that says "Privacy Error", the first thing that comes to their mind is: 'VIRUS!'... They aren't asking themselves whether or not they are transmitting private data over this server. Most people are just going to close the page and never go back!

Do You Have SSL Protection?

If you don't have SSL already implemented on your website you are definitely going to want to before July 1st, 2018. If you are unsure whether or not you have an SSL certificate just contact us and we will let you know, free of charge. If you need to purchase an SSL certificate: Crane Tech. Net can facilitate the process and install the certificate for you at an affordable & competitive cost. (see prices page for more information).

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